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Automatically Stop Seeding in UTorrent - How to Tips

Like other BitTorrent clients, UTorrent automatically seeds files you download. After you finish downloading them, uTorrent goes into seeding mode for that file, uploading pieces of the file to other users. Use the seeding goal feature in uTorrent to automatically stop seeding files after a specified period of time or a minimum ratio. A ratio is set as a percentage and depends on the downloaded file.

For example: If the file you downloaded is 1GB in size and you set the seeding goal to 200, uTorrent will upload 2GB before it stops seeding the file.

Automatically Stop Seeding in uTorrent

Please Just Listen:
  • Click the Options menu in uTorrent and select Preferences.
  • Click the Queueing category at the left side of the preferences window that appears.
  • Type a minimum ratio into the Minimum Ratio (%) text box to stop seeding after that ratio has been reached. A 0 here tells uTorrent to ignore this setting, so the lowest you can set this percentage is 1.
  • Type a minimum time in minutes into the Minimum Seeding Time (Minutes) text box to stop seeding after that time has been reached.
  • Click the Limit the Upload Rate to (kB/s): [0: Stop] check box under When uTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal and type 0 into the text box to the right of the check box.
  • Click the OK button.

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